... or DOC. HE/IT. 20. XNTP.


hiii ! i like men, eating food, and long walks on the beach! i'm just another funny white adhdtism guy on the world wide web :3

my interests fluctuate but i mainly like mlp, welcome home, 8:11, steven universe, and deadpool.i have an in-depth list of interests here

additionally, here are some random facts about me:

  • i have a lifesize cutout of miku
  • i am lactose intolerant :(
  • i have three weenie dogs! u can ask me to show u then
  • i broke my arm and tried to ignore it for around an hour (i was 9)
  • i won a small spelling bee and then i went to the bigger one and couldn't spell detente :/
  • when i was like 16?? i made a tiktok to how bad can i be and i still have not lived it down to this day. bonus: my sibling keeps insisting that i look exactly like the onceler. 😭😭😭😭
  • i take pride in maintaining my duolingo streak! (i am learning spanish)

carrd last updated on june 3rd

dni if you're younger than 16 or if you're friends with blake/goro. if i dislike you, i'll find out by talking to you. i can usually agree to disagree with people on things as long as its nothing morally fucked up

avoid eating loudly in call or at least warn me so i can lower your volume! and please don't send me videos with people eating (or again, just warn me)

if you're a sensitive person, please make sure i know, because my humor can be crude and i cuss a lot. i can easily stop doing most things if it makes you uncomfy

i rarely use tonetags but you can ask me to

i have a short temper! do not push my limits if i've established boundaries. if you Consistently break my boundaries don't be surprised if i'm not the nicest person to you

i'm not Great at texting back, i may forget to respond, just text me again... i might be asleep

kiana and raine are my siblings!! they mean a lot to me (also commission kiana their art is awesome)

i'm also happily friends with june, dax, roger, aevus, okki, gabriel, teko, ella, puck, cait, mo, and lou :D idk what i'd do without my favorite ypp dorks to make me laugh when i need it